I stared into the endless sea and I thought of him. I wondered if my love for him was truly as deep as the ocean I found myself swimming in. I understood loving passionately is not based on the amount of times one has fallen in love, nor the amount of times one has made love. In fact, it’s not about the act of making love at all. It’s based on the decision one makes to give your all to love. To walk through its dark forests. To survive its infinite deserts. To sail through its storms. To run side by side with love. To never look back and to never let go.

-Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol (via mirthamichelle)


Atelier Versace FW 2014

Chanel Coutue Fall 2014 Runway Details
She’s so beautiful, you don’t get tired of looking at her. You never worry if she’s smarter than you because you know she is. She’s funny without ever being mean. I love her, God I love her. I’m so lucky to love her, Van Houten.

-Augustus Waters (via cali4niayolo)


You gave me a forever within the numbered days

"ti amo cosi tanto che mi consuma"